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2012 Success Stories

Dec Thirty-four Strides Toward Earthquake-Resistant Structures PDF 645KB
NIST’s External Earthquake R&D Program
Nov Putting It All Together PDF 444KB
The Building Nonstructural Components and Systems (BNCS) Earthquake and Post-Earthquake-Fire Tests
Aug Collaborating and Assisting in Turkey PDF 710KB
The 2011 Van Earthquake Sequence
Jul Learning from the Disasters in Japan and New Zealand PDF 1MB
Lessons applicable far beyond the areas impacted
Jun New "Risk-Targeted" Seismic Maps Introduced into Building Codes PDF 1.7MB
More consistent and better-defined seismic safety in building designs
Mar FEMA Spearheading NEHRP Implementation Efforts PDF 367KB
Strengthening the resilience of communities vulnerable to earthquakes
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