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2009 Success Stories

Dec New Help for States Most at Risk PDF 202KB
FEMA's Earthquake Hazards Reduction State Assistance Program
Oct Can Wood Buildings Safely Grow Taller in Seismic Regions? PDF 224KB
The NEESWood Project Provides a Definitive Answer
Sep Linking Critical Technologies for Pre- and Post-Earthquake Loss Estimation PDF 652KB
NEHRP's ShakeMap-HAZUS Demonstration Projects
Aug Forecasting What's Coming Up from Down Below PDF 232KB
The Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast
Jul Safely Spreading the Benefits of Precast Construction PDF 192KB
The Diaphragm Seismic Design Methodology Project
Jun At the Intersection of Research and Practice PDF 211KB
The National Institute of Standards and Technology and Its Contributions to NEHRP
May Drilling Toward a New Level of Preparedness PDF 468KB
The Great Southern California ShakeOut
Mar A Stitch in Time Can Save the Whole Business PDF 181KB
The FEMA QuakeSmart Program
Jan New Findings to Keep Flat-Plate Frames from Flattening PDF 282KB
Safer and more efficient building systems for earthquake-prone regions
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