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2007 Success Stories

Dec Unearthing the Secrets of the San Andreas: A NEHRP-Related Success Story PDF 456KB
The world's first underground earthquake observatory
Nov Ensuring That When the Ground Starts Shaking, Bridges Can Bend Without Breaking PDF 553KB
Efforts to reduce the vulnerability of the nation's more than 600,000 bridges to earthquake damage
Oct FEMA Homebuilders' Guide to Earthquake-Resistant Design and Construction PDF 414KB
Technical Guidance on the Design and Construction of Earthquake-Resistant Structures
Sep Bringing Cutting-Edge Science to Nonstructural Mitigation PDF 506KB
State-of-the-Art Testing Capabilities for Nonstructural Components and Equipment
Jul ShakeMap and ShakeCast PDF 574KB
Revolutionizing Informatics for Earthquake Response
Jun The NEHRP "Recommended Provisions" and the National Model Building Codes PDF 518KB
How NEHRP Interacts with the Code-Making Bodies
May Strengthening Pipeline Survivability to Avoid Post-Quake Devastation PDF 154KB
A systematic and comprehensive assessment of ground rupture effects on critical underground lifelines
Mar Breaking Through Language Barriers with an Urgent Call to Prepare PDF 165KB
Campaign to increase earthquake awareness and readiness among the non-English-speaking communities of the Bay Area
Feb Southern Californians Are Being Dared to Prepare PDF 146KB
Yearlong effort to strengthen awareness of and readiness for "the Big One"
Jan Bringing Down the House PDF 161KB
NEESwood Project Shakes Full-Scale Wood Townhouse in Northridge Simulation
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