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  • Research Plan for the Study of Pre-Northridge Earthquake PJP-welded Column Splices and Weak Panel Zones (NIST GCR 22-917-51) PDF 11MB

    Synopsis:This report defines the scope of a comprehensive, long-range research plan to better understand the seismic behavior of two major vulnerabilities of pre-Northridge steel moment frames: column splices constructed with partial joint penetration groove welds (PJP column splices) and weak panel zones in beam-to-column moment connections. The plan includes experiments and analyses related to fracture mechanics, subassemblage-level behavior, and system-level performance.

    Source/sponsorship: The report was prepared by the Applied Technology Council.

    Resource type: Report, 222 pages


  • Program Plan for the Development of Collapse Assessment and Mitigation Strategies for Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings (NIST GCR 10-917-7) PDF 6MB

    Synopsis:This report is intended to provide the basis of a multi-phase program for the development of nationally accepted guidelines for the collapse prevention of older nonductile concrete buildings. It summarizes the scope and content of a series recommended guidance documents, the necessary analytical studies, and estimated costs associated with their development.

    Source/sponsorship: The report was prepared by the NEHRP Consultants Joint Venture, a partnership of the Applied Technology Council and the Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering.

    Resource type: Report, 100 pages


  • Prioritized Research for Reducing the Seismic Hazards of Existing Buildings (ATC 73) PDF 3MB

    Synopsis: This report identifies and prioritizes research needed to reduce the seismic hazards of existing buildings in the United States. It reflects the consensus of practicing seismic design professionals, researchers, regulators, and others invited to the NEHRP Workshop on Meeting the Challenges of Existing Buildings held in September 2007. The report presents a prioritized list of research goals with specific, prioritized research needs described under each goal. These goals and needs were targeted primarily, though not exclusively, to the capabilities of the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) and to researchers interested in submitting proposals under the NSF NEES Research Program.

    Source/sponsorship: The report was prepared by the Applied Technology Council (ATC) with support from NSF. The workshop on which the report is based was conducted by ATC and the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute with support from the NEHRP agencies.

    Resource type: Report, 22 pages

    Related resource: Workshop Proceedings: NEHRP Workshop on Meeting the Challenges of Existing Buildings—Volume 1 (ATC 71) PDF 1.7MB


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