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Comments on Chapter 4 of the 2008–2012 Draft Strategic Plan (3)

  • Comment (page 36, line 2): ANSS also contributes to Objective 7. PBE requires appropr[ia]te suite of strong ground motions. In addition, access to all in[s]trumented buildings is provided in the monitoring agreement—therefore, researchers will have direct information about damage and strong-motion records.

    I think that the ANSS contributions to engineering are not sufficiently represented in the draft Strategic Plan.
  • Comment (page 36, line 25): A better statement for this strategic priority could be: "Further develop Performance-Based Seismic Design of structural and nonstructural systems."
  • Comment (page 36, line 37): [S]uggest to replace by: "requires more detailed knowledge of how structural and nonstructural systems perform"

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