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Beat the Quake!
Earthquake knowledge game

Disaster and Safety Tools and Resources
Earthquake safety checklists in multiple languages

Disaster Preparedness for Pet Parents
Everything you need to know

Disaster Readiness Tips for People with Mobility Disabilities
Results from focus groups

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes
Hurdles to anticipate, factors to consider, and what to do when emergency weather occurs

Earthquakes for Kids
Facts, pictures, puzzles, and games

Earthquake Hazard Maps
How earthquake hazards vary across the United States

Earthquake Preparedness For Central U.S. Mobile Home Owners PDF 85KB
Make mobile homes safer from seismic shaking damage

Earthquake Recovery Resource Guide
Be prepared for anything that could happen after the rumble

Expert Debunks Myths about What to Do During an Earthquake
Myths surrounding these natural events and steps you should do

Guide to Earthquake Safety PDF 2MB
Earthquake safety tips and emergency kit checklist

Home Emergency and Disaster Safety
Preparing for home disasters

How Much Does it Cost to Earthquake Retrofit a Home?
Why retrofitting is necessary and common steps in retrofitting

How To Stay Safe In Your Apartment During Earthquakes
Tips to stay well-protected in your apartment before, during, and after every possible calamity

Minimizing Damage and Repair Costs to Manufactured Homes During an Earthquake PDF 284KB
Suggestions for the manufactured home owner, or park owner, to reduce or prevent damage

Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience Resources
Community Resilience, Disaster Recovery, Hazard Mitigation, and Oregon Hazards

Preparing for Disasters in Your Home
What to buy, what to skip


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